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Amicus Therapeutics, Spearheading the Treatment of Rare Diseases

As Buddha said, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” Without good health, life becomes unbearable, and at many times incredibly expensive to sustain. In our world today, people suffer from diseases that can easily get treated, while there is a small percentage that suffers from rare and orphan ailments. To this end, organizations like Amicus Therapeutics have come up to help fight unconventional ailments with the therapy type of treatment.



Using the latest technology in health and treatment, Amicus Therapeutics has been able to assist more than 1,000 patients suffering from illnesses like Lysosomal Storage Disorders Fabry, Pompe disease, and Epidermolysis Bullosa. By providing quality services to patients who once faced a lot of stigma from their communities, most of these individuals have been able to recover and resume their normal lives. For 15 years, Amicus Therapeutics has been able to grow and expand. Today, the organization has employed close to 500 individuals to work in its main headquarters located in Cranbury, NJ. Besides, Amicus has branches in Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom (



Thanks to efforts by Amicus Therapeutics, various trials to the treatment of Fabry disease have undergone initiation with a drug such as migalastat getting realized. Also, SD-101 is now used to treat Epidermolysis Bullosa making the fight against rare diseases real. Other rare diseases treated at the facility include Novel ERTs and Novel Biologics. Working closely with a team of scientists, Amicus Therapeutics has revolutionized the treatment of human genetic diseases. Amicus Therapeutics has been able to help patients encounter physical but also emotional healing as well. As the pioneers of biotechnology in the United States, Amicus Therapeutics remains a blessing to the greater American community.



Apart from providing health and treatment, Amicus Therapeutics has gone the extra mile of providing grants and donations to assist patients to get quality healthcare as well as enable medically-related non-profit organizations to initiate programs meant to benefit local communities. For Amicus Therapeutics, the needs of its patients come first. Dwelling on principles of integrity and accountability, Amicus Therapeutics has been able to survive and thrive for more than a decade.


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