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Talk Fusion University Opens

Talk Fusion has just released its latest technology in its customer friendly choices. Talk Fusion University is an online hub where the Talk Fusion employees can receive training from Bob Reina, CEO and founder. Bob Reina has 25 years in the marketing industry. Reina feels that the whole team is the key to success. How much money is made is dependent upon everyone on the team, not just the one person.


This training portal gives associates access to over 30 videos on how to discuss the Talk Fusion products with new customers in a step by step process. In addition to the videos, there are written resources, including blog posts, Reina’s journalism exploits, and other written items. Reina feels like Talk Fusion University will be set apart from the rest, because his expertise has proven to work. He has a reputation for successful business practices. Learn more:


Reina wants to help people learn the ropes of the network marketing industry with strategies that work. The University will give the students a wealth of resources to learn the industry. The University resources are now available in English and Bahasa. They will soon be available in Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and Russian.


Talk Fusion is a company that helps small businesses to stand out from their competition. With products like Video Emails and WebRTC Technology, small businesses are able to use Talk Fusion’s products to keep up with their small business communication demands. To be more user friendly, Talk Fusion offers 30 day free trials and training for customers.