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Look At What Madison Street Capital Has Done Lately

On April 12, 2018, Madison Street Capital published a press release that indicated it had recently acted as the “exclusive advisor” to North Carolina’s own Professional Pipe, Inc., in a takeover of its ownership interest by the mid-sized, regional institutional investor KJM Capital, LLC.


News media sources have not yet been informed of financial details of the transaction, which may be released in regulatory filings at the end of Madison Street Capital’s current fiscal year.


The magic of Madison Street Capital, explained


Madison Street Capital, founded nearly 15 years ago – 2005 – is a leader in its field because its hundreds of workers bring to the table of commercial transactions extensive experience on an individual basis, valuation services that have exclusively been regarded as independent, fair, and free-standing by all businesses that have trusted Madison Street Capital for its help, investment banking that rivals returns seen by the largest and most prominent financial institutions across the globe, and an extensive network of contacts across all seven continents – maybe not Antarctica – that effectively brings interest from here, there, and everywhere in between.


Jay Rodgers, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, shared following the press release put out by the Chicago, Illinois, company that “The consistency of [Professional Pipe’s] performance over its 40-plus-year history has been truly exceptional,” further adding that “The experience … that KJM Capital brings … will [take Professional Pipe, Inc.] to the next level.”


Charles Botchway, Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, and Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer, were also happily in support of the company’s involvement in the mid-sized business transaction that closed on April 12, 2018.


The extensive experience in the field of general contracting of Professional Pipe


Professional Pipe specializes in providing poultry processors and manufacturers with tubing, piping, and plumbing that precisely fits their needs, a service that is not offered very widely within the world of American construction. The company was formed by a close group of friends in 1972 in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Today, descendant family member John Tyson serves as the President of the company.


KJM Capital’s background


Kenneth Meister, a former investment banker with tons of experience in the field of baning and financial services, is the founder and President of KJM Capital. The firm’s source of revenue comes from allocating money from investors into the pocketbooks of owners and shareholders of smaller and medium-sized businesses and other organizations. After such acquisitions take place, KJM Capital’s performance-enhancing experts replace its software systems and provide guidance in accounting, finance, and information technology in the name of operating efficiently.


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