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Meet The Man Behind The National Steel Car: Gregory James AziZ

Greg Aziz is both a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Currently, he is also the CEO of the National Steel Car. A company he purchased in 1994 from DOFASCO, therefore, fulfilling his desire to change the company into a leading manufacturer of railroad freight automobiles in North America. On graduating from an Economics class at the University of Western Ontario, James Aziz immediately worked at his family’s food wholesale business called Affiliate Foods. Several years later he moved to New York to work in investment banking. Aziz believes that the future of the National Steel Car will heavily rely on innovative solutions in the automobiles industry.

The success of the company has many times been attributed to Gregory J Aziz. Despite the fact that the company boasts of a century of quality commitments, Aziz brought about many changes that centered on improving human resources and enterprise capital. This resulted to an increase in product output from 3,500 cars to 12000 cars. For more than 16 years now in the company,National Steel Car has been recorded as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of railroad freight cars.

Apart from serving as the CEO of the National Steel Car, Greg also is also the chairman of National Industries Inc. In the late 1980s and 1990s, Greg had also invested in various sectors from retail business, banking, capital investments and technology. His philanthropist background comes from his ability to influence donors as the president of the national steel car. Most donations are made to the united ways, Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army. Greg also volunteers in Ontario’s local charities. View Related Info Here.


His qualities range from an institutional business eye, a big heart, a passion for changing things as well as an affinity for persistent, quality and excellence. For 14 years the company has consistently been able to receive the TTX SECO award during Greg’s leadership. Being a person who values the efforts of everyone in the company he has managed to turn around human resource and achieved recognition in both the eyes of National Steel Car company employers as well as the public eye testimonial of his many awards. Notable is the technical achievement award he received in December 2015.


As much as Greg Aziz is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is also a family man living with his wife in Ontario.