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Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of The OSI Group Company. OSI Group is a processing company that deals with food and meat. In addition to this, he is also OSI International Limited, President. Moreover, he is very active in all the company’s operations. The leader became heavily involved with OSI Group in 1970 after he financed The Otto and Sons Company. Eventually, he was asked to join it as a partner in 1975. This company eventually grew into OSI Group in the same year he joined. Otto and Sons was a small-scale food processing franchise, however, when it became OSI Group it became an international company. Mr. Sheldon Lavin has always been on the forefront of developing and propelling this company into higher heights. Currently, the international food processing company exists in 60 countries and it has over 60 different locations.

The CEO’s exceptional efforts of growing the company internationally were recognized in 2016 in Indian by The Vision World Academy. The global leader was awarded the Global Visionary reward. Mr. Lavin was elated by the prestigious award. In addition to this, he was ecstatic that his life’s work was being recognized globally. It is a well-known fact that the leader has heavily laid a hand in the tremendous growth of the international company over the years.

The corporate leader has also managed to propel OSI Group into receiving various global sustainability awards. Moreover, the company has managed to be recognized internationally because of its sustainability efforts. The chairman hopes that the next generation of corporate leaders will also devote themselves towards the growth of their companies. Additionally, he wants to influence the next leaders of OSI Group into following his footsteps diligently. He hopes that these efforts will not only manage to develop OSI Group, but also other international companies. In turn, this will increase the future prospects of the various employees working for the companies and it will also further their international growth. However, Sheldon Lavin is still not quitting the corporate leadership yet and he hopes to continue being involved in the growth of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropist and he has been heavily involved in numerous charity causes. The brilliant corporate leader has served in various beneficial boards both in the past and presently. Currently, he is the Director of the Northeast Bank and The President and Director of The Sheba Foundation. Mr. Lavin is a father and a husband. Together with his wife he has raised three children.

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