Ara Chackerian: Transforming the Healthcare System through Entrepreneurship

For Ara Chackerian, an angel investor with a special interest in technology and service startups in the healthcare industry, consciously engaging in life provides an important platform for generating new ideas. This philosophy, which he learned from an early age from his parents, played a critical role in his success as an entrepreneur including the founding of TMS Health Solutions; a healthcare solutions provider that uses technology to treat drug-resistant depression. By carrying out insightful and experience-based research, Chackerian and his investment partners identified transcranial magnetic stimulation as a possible solution to the problem. They successfully setup the organization where he currently sits on its board of directors.


Ara Chackerian, a philanthropist and general partner at the investment company ASC Capital Holdings, is an avid follower of emerging digital healthcare technologies which he believes have the potential of positively transforming healthcare service delivery. Drawing from his over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, Chackerian believes that entrepreneurs should appreciate diversity among partners and leverage such differences to grow as partners. He also believes entrepreneurs should avoid falling into the temptation of resorting to situational bias. He believes that to minimize failures, entrepreneurs should use unfiltered lenses and constantly seek the truth before settling on an investment idea. Ara Chackerian, who has served on the boards of several organizations including Pipeline Healthcare, Hatlen Center for the Blind and Juma Ventures, believes that commitment to knowledge generation, education and sharing are the primary success factors at TMS. Visit his vimeo page.



A Commitment to Philanthropy


Ara Chackerian is committed to making a difference through philanthropic work. His engagement in philanthropy extends beyond serving on the board of philanthropy-based organizations such as Mint Medical Education. The Florida State University alumnus volunteered as chairman emeritus on board of Juma Ventures between 2011 and 2016 where he actively participated in poverty alleviation by supporting access to education and development resources by youths. You can visit their Facebook page.


He is also a blogger who writes on various topics including mental illness. In his informative blog post on the mental illness appearing in Medium, Ara Chackerian advises people on five activities to engage during the Mental Health Month. He advises people to reduce mental health stigmatization, watch their mental health and share their stories and experience on the condition. He also advises people to help those suffering from the condition.



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