Betsy DeVos and a Rare Brain

Betsy DeVos isn’t a person you meet all of the time. Most people never ever get the chance to meet individuals of her caliber. Her impressiveness has nothing at all to do with her status on this planet. There’s no arguing that she’s managed to carve out a strong career so far. There’s something to be said, though, about having an attitude that’s pleasing in the most unusual manner. The world is filled to the brim with people who don’t question their actions at all. It’s filled to the brim with people who think in insular ways, too. DeVos isn’t like these people. She has a view of the world that’s decidedly broad. Dick DeVos has been her inimitable husband for a long span of time. They’re a married couple with children. Their children aren’t exactly small anymore, though. That doesn’t suggest that they’ve forgotten how to parent. They most certainly haven’t forgotten anything about it. They’re always initiating chats with parents who have youngsters under their roofs. That’s probably why they’re so in tune with how parenting in the modern age works.


Betsy DeVos wants to tweak education. She wants American kids to have everything in the educational department. This Secretary of Education wants them to be able to take classes that can help them go after vocations and futures in general that are top of the line. People need to learn about mathematics, science, the humanities and history. They need to be able to learn in comfortable, healthy and motivating settings. Some people are unable to do that. They’re often unable to make any decisions that relate to schooling. Educational choice isn’t a topic that DeVos ever ignores. It’s actually a topic she goes above and beyond to talk about to others. She thinks that communication can lead to better and more meaningful educational transitions. Her husband thinks that, too. There are quite a few students who attend the West Michigan Aviation Academy now. This is a charter high school that runs out of Grand Rapids in lovely Michigan. Dick DeVos made the school come to life in 2010. It’s consistently gotten better and more detailed since that year. It’s currently a school that has a student body that cares. It’s a school that has pupils who want to advance their educational chances. These students want to become aviation knowledge aficionados. Dick and Betsy want that as well.


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