Low-Income Communities

Rocketship Education Pays Attention To What Its Students Need

Rocketship Education is there to correct the wrongs of hackery and neglect that traditional public schools inflict upon low income, African American and Latino kids. In recent decades, a lot of attention has been put on how schools can better educate kids from such backgrounds in poor areas. This has led to the opening of various charter school systems by private entities. The whole philosophy behind the existence of such schools is the idea that there is too much political hackery in the traditional school system for there to be any suitable changes. For decades, there have been standard curricula that do not put any consideration into the the races, cultures and socioeconomic groups of students. The results are low grades, low levels of college preparation and rampant behavior problems.

Some people like to blame the cultures of the kids for these problems, saying that the schools that they attend are so bad because they are culturally inferior. Such a viewpoint is one of negativity and giving up. It is also one that shows disrespect and misunderstanding for the complex circumstances that surround people’s lives. Rocketship Education’s mindset is the opposite—they believe that they can change children’s lives, regardless of race, with a good environment.

Rocketship Education is the savior when it comes to inner city students. They were founded specifically to fix the problems that inner city students face, education-wise. Their schools are not just places “that are supposed to educate kids” where the problems happen and are glossed over. Like a bull, or a rocketship, Rocketship Education charges straight at the problems that afflict inner city students—not being given enough individual attention and a lack of involvement from parents. The results show that such an approach is the correct approach to take when educating Latino and black students in low income places.