Traditional Therapy

Talkspace Caters to Specific Needs

There are a lot of people that are dealing with a variation of issues. The best thing that someone can do when they are dealing with depression, stress, anxiety or suicidal thoughts is talk to someone. Everyone does not always have someone in their corner that they can engage in conversations with. This is why therapy is so important.

Michael Phelps is someone that has felt the pain of depression, and he has partnered with a company that is handling therapy in a very unique way.

This company that Michael Phelps is in partnership with is called Talkspace. This is the new york-based company that has manage to create a therapy platform through an app. People that may have been wondering how they can get a better grip on what is happening in their lives can see a new perspective through conversations with a certified counselor.

This platform shows that there are possibilities for improving your life. If you have ever wondered if therapy is something that would benefit you there’s probably a good chance that you need therapy. If you feel that conversations about your issues should be part of your daily routine as you face the problems you encounter you are probably a good candidate for Talkspace.

There is a certain amount of work goes into getting therapy if you have not done this before. This is what most people would choose to avoid. If, however, you are finding yourself in a place where you need to talk to someone right away getting connected through Talkspace may be your best option. It provides you with someone that will initially talk to you through a video conference call. Once this introduction is made you can then respond back and forth through text messages.

There are therapist in place that can handle different types of problems. This is good because it allows you to connect to someone that is specifically designed to cater to your issues.

When you have a connection to a therapist you want to have a relationship with someone that has been trained to handle exactly what you are going through.