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Jeunesse strives to impress with Luminesce

Jeunesse Global is increasingly becoming one of the most important brands in the global health business. Just nine years old, the company has grown phenomenally since its early days, eventually reaching hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year and having an estimated value of greater than $1 billion. Jeunesse Global represents the most successful company to date that was started by founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who rank among the all-time legends of the North American direct-selling business.

Jeunesse Global originated when Ray and Lewis decided that they needed something more to fill their days after having newly retired. The industrious couple quickly discovered that they were not well-constituted for the boring days that are an unavoidable part of retired life. After just two weeks of retirement, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to start selling a few health and beauty products out of their garage. This business quickly ballooned into a full-time enterprise for the couple, actually seeing them spend up to 70 hours per week growing their neonate enterprise.

Ray and Lewis were blessed with a high level of entrepreneurial talent, which they had developed over decades spent building some of the most successful businesses in America. For her part, Lewis specialized in spotting and exploiting niche market opportunities that none of the big players in the industry had developed products for. This talent would prove to be instrumental in the enormous success of Jeunesse Global, helping the company to grow exponentially for all of its first years of existence.

One example of the kinds of products that Lewis was able to quickly develop is the company’s moisturizer cream and skin care lotion called Luminesce. As a standalone moisturizer and skin care cream, Luminesce ranks among the top products in its class, consistently outperforming the competition across many objective measurements. But where the product really shines is in the area of anti-aging. Luminesce contains Jeunesse Global’s patented anti-aging formula known as APT-200. This immensely powerful anti-aging molecule is able to dramatically lessen the apparent age of a user’s skin through the elimination of wrinkles and the prevention of the formation of new ones.=