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Inspirations from Ashley Lightspeed

When she was growing up, Ashley Lightspeed wanted to become an architect like his father. She would sit with him at the drafting table, and they would sketch ideas of various things including buildings. They were doing prototyping. She later learned about prototyping when she was studying in Copenhagen, and this is the reason she prefers it when it comes to business ideas. She started his career in consulting at Bain immediately after graduation.

After working for several years as a consultant at Bain, she wanted to do something different. She felt operational work would enable her to fulfil her dreams in life. She joined the production team at Thumbtack. She was the production manager, and her work involved ensuring growth in wedding events and improving customer experience. Throughout his career and the organizations, she has worked for Ashley Lightspeed uses prototyping tool. It helps her to gather ideas on how to improve products and services. To her prototyping is a tool which can change the operations of an entrepreneur.

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Ashley for learned about venture capital when she was at Thumbtack working on a fundraiser pitch deck. She became interested in the industry because its track records are proven when it comes to the identification of records and support of trends before they are established. She later left the company and went for further studies at Stanford GSB. But at the same time, she did consulting to support herself. She also contemplated starting her own company. Ashley realized she was interested in various industries. She began partnering with different organizations to support ideas and make them a success.

She works with the consumer investing team at Lightspeed. As a member of this team, she collaborates with startups to offer them a strategy to grow their company. All along her career, she has always loved craftsmanship. She believes it is a way of creating and building something compelling.

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