Glenn Schlossberg: The Entrepreneur Shaking the Fashion Industry

Glenn Schlossberg is a businessman that has used his cunning ability to identify growing trends and use them to curve his way to success. The founder and Principal of Jump Design Group, is continually trying to find ways he can succeed in tough markets. The entrepreneur started his company the Jump Design Group in 1990 and has grown it since to become the leading supplier in the fashion industry with several brands under its name. Glenn Schlossberg has built his company by focusing on creating formal and everyday wear. His company utilizes local labor and domestic material and focuses on creating quality materials and efficiently keeping up with constantly changing trends.

It was during his 20’ and 30’s that Glenn Schlossberg was able to shape his future. Schlossberg was never good in school. He only attended one semester in college before starting to work in his father’s company. He was able to work through different parts of the business, though, he spent a lot of time in the warehouse and the shipping department. Schlossberg was able to learn and experience business while still at a young age. He trusted that he was able to do business better than anyone else and decided to write up a business plan, reports by

During this period, he was able to marry his wife Zena who helped him search for funding to start his business. After he received the funding, Schlossberg set out to start his business that he has grown to be the leader in the fashion industry. He attributes his success to a lot of hard work, dedication, enough research and sacrificing long hours. Schlossberg notes that by being continuously persistence and having enough commitment, you can easily succeed. Even without college, Schlossberg was still successful as he always had excellent mentors an advisors all around him.

Glenn Schlossberg notes that during his younger years he was able to make more financial risks since he did not have any massive overheads to deal with. He believes that for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur, one should not wait for long to make any financial decisions. Long waiting times make it harder to succeed as with time comes more obligations.

Glenn Schlossberg is not only about work. His name has appeared on some philanthropic works over the years. Schlossberg notes that the most significant accomplishment he has made in his career is having created jobs for a large number of people. He also feels great about charity, and he gives back to the community as often as he can. He was able to raise over one million dollars for the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation for LIJ. Together with his wife, they are avid supporters of Cornel University.